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Goswin K. plaatste op 26/04/2017 - 12:55 het volgende evenement:

The region of West-Brabant works hard on preventing and fighting illiteracy and delays in language development. Several years ago, the partnership ‘Skills for life West-Brabant’ was established. Within this partnership, ROC West-Brabant, the libraries, Cubiss Brabant and Stichting Lezen & Schrijven work closely together. A lot of knowledge and experience is shared on a national level. In addition, we look beyond our national borders and examine best practices and approaches used by European counterparts.

On September 6th 2017, we will organise the international conference ‘Brick by brick,extending the Literacy houses approach’. During this conference, we will share our experiences as well as those of our European counterparts. The central theme of the conference focuses on the building blocks that are required for establishing and structurally embedding a successful Literacy house.

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woensdag, 6 september, 2017 (Hele dag)
Congres / Kennisdag
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